Friday, June 18, 2010

Plastic Horns and Defeaning Sounds

It's World Cup African Style Y'all!

Kudos to Gawker for this one. Now we know who's raking up the profits for that darned plastic horn. As a commenter noted, this is NO long-standing tradition. The first I heard about these "charming" little instruments, during PSL Saturday soccer matches about 14 years ago. The sound was annoying to say the least but we South Africans have become so acquainted with it and its association with local club soccer. It's the rest of you that were taken by surprise and we knew people would complain instantly. I guess it takes a bit of an acquired taste. Plenty of getting used to. But after Wednesday's humbling defeat, streets of Cape Town have been awarded with a little more peace with the burgeoning realisation that South Africa will not make it to the second round as we all merrily predicted. Those of us with objective viewpoints that is.

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