Friday, March 5, 2010

You Won An Oscar, Really?

Who knew, who knew...that these flying undoubtedly beneath the radar actors once won oscars

Yes,'s been a dismal series of movie roles since that winning "Show me the money" shot. Even found yourself doing Disney movies. Snowdogs! Enough said.

And then there's that man who plays the lead in that mediocre action programme, Leverage, Timothy Hutton. If you had told me, without prope pictorial evidence that he won an oscar, I really wouldn't believe it.

Finally, the man himself, Louis Gosset Jr. That I can understand but what a tragedy it's all turned out to be post the era of "Fight the Power" and afro hair-dos. And if it were not for these Heineken beer ads we seem to be getting over here...the "What are you doing Dave?" thing. I swear I wouldn't even remember who this man is.

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