Saturday, March 21, 2009

Zuma: We're Headed toward Catastrophe

So, it seems like it is set in stone. Jacob Zuma shall most likely be the next president of South Africa. This is a truth I have not been so readily willing to acknowledge for very obvious reasons. He even went to the length of making an appearance at Rhema Bible Church last week Sunday to propagate his agenda. As was expected some did obviously walk out on the whole farcical charade. What can I say. The masses are blind as bats. It's too late for Cope to make a difference. The ANC shall win the 2009 General Election and a massive brain drain or middle class exodus shall occur indefinitely.


LeNz said...

You actually said something about the South African politics. Not Zuma but politics and said we! You are always on the whole American thing or maybe it was the whole hype on Barack last year but I think this is the first I can think of that you have ever mentioned anything concerning SA politics. No Comment on Zuma.

Miss Sheeba said...

Yes the Obama hype has died down quite a bit. My trip is also momentarily on the back burner. So let's focus on April 2009 in SA. Everything that was fought for during the freedom struggle shall be severed. Time to welcome black totalitarianism!