Sunday, September 21, 2008

JZ Interview with Frost

Plenty of whaffling, even some talk about BOB('s your Rhodesian Uncle).

JZ is far from being credibly articulate in terms of presidential leadership. I love the way he unconsciously flips a bird when shifting his spectacles up his nose bridge. Unconsciously?? This man could be far smarter and quirkier than we consider 'Umshinin Wami' and all his knowledge of how easy it is to gain favour with the anti-intellectual masses.

On the topic. The bravest man of the moment, Zapiro is being villified left, right and centre. Talks about his insensitivity to sexual violence against women and even that he himself is somehow violating the constitution. What ever happened to freedom of speech.
Then we have our trigger-happy idiot Malema threatening to kill our Zaphero. Are these the people that are going to lead our nation. No more than twenty years ago, the country was a white supremacist state run by violence. Now we're going right back to square one, only difference - another colour.

Oh my gosh - eighteen kids - he's a chronic babydaddy too.
"Love your kids" huh? Beginning to show a little love for country's constitutional principles and its justice system would be a good start.

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